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Notice: Kalinka Capital OU company, develops software and provides no investment or brokerage services on the financial markets.

Risk Warning: Trading Forex and CFDs offers the opportunity to experienced investors who really understand how markets work, make a profit. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that even knowledgeable investors may have large potential losses from its trading activities. Thus, investors should be fully aware of all the risks associated with trading in Forex and CFDs. In addition, investors should recognize all the negative consequences associated with the trade, as well as to take the risks before you begin to trade, as trade on Forex and CFDs may not be acceptable to them. In addition, it is useful to consider what investors should start to trade using the money they can afford to lose. Please note that our website is neither a solicitation nor an invitation to trade Forex and CFDs. Kalinka Capital OU is not responsible for the loss of your money due to the fact that you have relied on the information contained on this site, including data, quotes, charts and forex signals. Kalinka Capital OU reminds you that the data provided on this site not necessarily given in real time and may not be accurate. Any data and information provided "as is" only informational purposes only. All the results as a trade on a demo and live accounts do not give a 100% guarantee repeat scenarios. trade adjustment algorithms and trading robots have been successfully tested on real stories and trade on the day of delivery, but it's not 100% positive results in the future. If you are using trading robots to trade forex you need to consider the risk of the selected leverage and more unpredictable movement of the quotes in the future, as opposed to historical scenarios of the market. Thus, Kalinka Capital OU is not responsible for any losses you may incur as a result of the use of these data.

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