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Dear forex traders!
We can offer alternative way of purchase, and gain profit with our advisor's advantages. If you are not ready to spend $499(or more for the advance license options) for the Magelan advisor, or you simply have no time to control the advisor's performance. Then this offer is just for you!
Connect to the system that copies the trades of our Magelan Chronovisor advisor, through the best worldwide services for signal copying, or (powered by The main advisor that trades are copied from, is in constant control of company's traders. We guarantee the highest quality of trading!


Market entry by candle analysis, with pre determined algorithm of candle figures with most probability of execution, filtered by price levels overlap of present day to previous day. Strategy demonstrated itself as a calm trading strategy with no aggressive entries. Trades are opened for few minutes or hours. Main entries on European and American sessions. Positions in profit are closed at the end of a trading day at European session closure. No trades during Asian session. Average profit of trade is from 5 to 50 points. Monthly profits are 10%, working drawdown is 5-7%. Maximal drawdown was fixed on tests during BREXIT 23/06/2016, for up to 30%. But there would be no trades on such news, risks are minimized, no rush for profits, main directives are saving the deposit and stable profits. Each currency pair in use is traded for about 250 trades annually. Pairs used in trading – EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCAD. 

Recommendations for copying.
Calculate your lot volume in relation to each 500 $ = 0.01 lot. It might look like a small volume for such balance, but take into account that this is a multi-currency trading strategy. And we can trade all of the used pairs at once, and total amount might go up to 0.01-0.03 lot per each $ 500.
Leverage not below 1: 100. We are trading on account with 1: 500 leverage, but deposit load is calculated for 1: 100.
By trading on 1: 500 leverage account, you can increase lot proportions from 0.01 to 0.02 per each 500 $ of deposit. Do not exceed it, as possible drawdown will be more than ours, same with profits. But you will not lose your deposit.
We wish you profits !!!

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